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Sgio is the escape in its shades of blue, history through clothing, sharing collaborations. Passion, determination and ambition draw collections with a marked identity and reflections of Mediterranean colours.

Behind the name Sgio, Elodie Emanuelli, the designer with a big heart and a thousand ideas. The brand is born with an intention: to reveal Corsica in all its beautiful forms. It tells a story… hers, yours.



The #SquadraSgio is not just the fashionable hashtag.

First, Sgio brings together artists, craftsmen and lovers of Corsica to dress them up.

Many professionals find themselves in our values and associate the quality of their work with the quality of our products.

Corsica excellence, the choice of details are simply the idea of the luxury of #squadrasgio.
“I Work Hard, I Honor My Work Blue, I Deserve My Title From Sgio.”

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